Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Menezes case goes to High Court

The case of the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, and the decision not to prosecute the police officers involved has gone to the High Court. Apparantly, according to his family's barrister, it was a violation of their human rights.

Yet again, it appears that the rights of the criminal far outweigh the rights of the law abiding in this country.

I'm not talking of the police officers, who did a stirling job, under difficult circumstances, and should be praised and lauded.

I'm talking of the criminal, Jean Charles de Menezes. Something few are mentioning. He was a criminal. He was involved in criminal activity. He was acting suspiciously, at a time of high alert, and ran from armed police officers who repeatedly shouted at him to stop. Of course he was going to be shot. If a bunch of men in body armour are pointing guns at you, and shouting at you, you stop whatever you are doing, freeze, put your hands up and try very hard not to wet yourself. Its a fairly basic principle.

What you don't do is run away from them. Thats an open invitation to receive a high velocity lead injection, which is exactly what he got. If those officers hadn't shot him, they shouldn't be in that job.

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