Friday, December 15, 2006

Too much Christmas cheer

Went out last night for the work Christmas meal. As there are only 5 of us who work in the office, two of whom are married to each other, there were only 7 at the meal. Still it was a fun occasion, sort of.

Started off with G & T, then moved onto the red wine. Carefully made sure I didn't have any beer, to try not to have an hangover.

All was fine till after the meal, when we went back to the boss's house. More red wine, a bit of tequila, and I got into an arguement with the boss's wife. This isn't an unusual occurance - in fact, we both sort of treat it as competative arguing, as we weren't really arguing about anything important, political correctness and racism, if I recall correctly, but when we get started, neither of us will back down.

As such the evening ended with my heavily pregnant and sober wife bursting into tears at about 1.30 am, so we left, after giving everyone a hug (including the boss's wife, as she knew it was all for fun), and me being sick when we got home.

So thats me in the doghouse at home, and sat here in work still feeling sick and watching the screen wobble (or is that my head)

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