Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Its started

At 0300 this morning, not that we really realised it. She just felt in a lot of pain from the baby pressing downwards. She couldn't sleep, at got up at 0600 to walk round. At that point, she realised the "pressing" pain was fairly regular, and so we started timing it. It was coming about every 6 minutes, so we called the midwife for advice. The midwife came round for a check-up at about 1000, and said it was "incipient labour", I think. Not established, but starting to get there.

So, as it wasn't iminent, I came into work. At least this way I don't use up another days holiday, which I can then use later in the year to spend time with the baby. The missus is still at home, still having these "pressing" pains about every 5 minutes, but no real progression. Could be in for the long haul.

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