Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Binge Drinking

Yet again, we see more proposals to punish the innocent, and let the guilty continue as they like.

Now it is proposed that there should be a minimum price of 35p per unit of alcohol. This would push the minimum price of a bottle of wine up by 46%. Fine you think. 35p isn't much, and it will stop those yobs getting drunk on park benches.


The yobs on park benches will always have enough money to buy their drink. It wouldn't make any difference if the unit price was pushed up to 35 pounds, making your bottle of wine cost a minimum of £350 for cheap and nasty plonk. The yobs on the benches would still have their booze, either by stealing it directly from the shop, or taking your cash from your gently cooling corpse.

How about a radical idea: actually arrest and imprison those causing trouble through Drunk and Disorderly. Easy to do, no new laws required, all we need are the police currently doing paperwork to get out on the streets in the evenings when the trouble tends to occur.

Binge drinking problem solved!

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