Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cycling and Ruth Kelly

Watching Ruth Kelly on BBC Breakfast this morning talking about cycling, and the money being given to Bristol as a cycling demonstration city, she was asked that as cycling can be very dangerous, what would the government do to make cycling safer.

As is usual with these slimy, and increasingly irrelevant, politicians, she was unable to give anything even resembling an answer. She merely warbled away with platitudes about peoples perception was that cycling was dangerous, and that people's perceptions would be changed by the investment. Very Newspeak. Nothing was actually said about making cycling safer. There were mentions of Bristol having some "excellent ideas" but nothing concrete (except maybe the concrete bollards they will put in to ensure that any cyclist that crash into them do so fatally).

She even mentioned that yesterday she got onto a bike, and its true that you never forget how to ride. All that shows is that she doesn't actually have any clue whatsoever about what it means to cycle anywhere.

As usual, Ruth Kelly is from the Gormless Frown school of waffle, warble and say nothing of substance. She is wasting MY money and MY time talking about things of which she knows NOTHING.

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