Monday, June 23, 2008

Knife Crime

Knife Crime is a big thing nowadays. Anyone would think that every kid is carrying. They're not.

It wasn't like that in my day, I can tell you. Way back then (all of 15 years) every kid I knew WAS carrying, including myself. Now, you're instantly supposing I grew up on an inner city sink estate. Not true. I grew up in a small town in a rural-ish county, where there was no significant violent crime, nor any specific fear of violent crime.

Then the government of the day passed the Knives Act 1997 which gives the police, on the authority of a senior officer, the right to stop and search anyone at all, for any, or indeed no, reason.

And thus criminalisation and punishment falls not upon the violent scum who will stab you rather than speak to you (and find it a great deal easier), but upon the otherwise innocent cub scout, gardener, apple eater, whittler, or any number of other hobbyists for whom it is perfectly legal to have their knife in their pocket, for example on the allotment, but not legal to have it in their pocket on the way home through a rough area.

The police and Criminal Protection Service reasoning? "You should have left it at the allotment." Well, yes, of course, if I was on a police salary I could afford to have expensive Swiss Army Knives kept at my place of work, my home, my garage and my allotment, but as I am one of the majority of the population, I don't earn that astronomical salary, so I have to make do with only one, and therefore need to transport it from place to place. Most convenient place to have it? In my pocket.

So number of people stabbed or otherwise attacked by me using a knife in over 15 years of carrying one? Zero
Number of people attacked by me in 15 years without using a knife? Zero
Chance of me, if attacked by someone with a knife, actually being able to get my knife out of my pocket, choose which blade I want, unfold it and use it to defend myself? Zero

Perhaps if the police actually arrested those who do use knives as weapons, and the CPS, instead of protecting the criminals Yuman Rites Innit because of their poor ickle deprived background and actually pushed for hugely significant custodial sentences, there wouldn't be this culture of fear and stabbings.

IQ of those in power over us? Zero

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