Sunday, November 2, 2008

Why can't I just buy a ticket?

I'm sat here in the living room, watching Top Gear, and my Mum reminded me that I need to buy a train ticket for Friday. So I dutifully go online to check the times and fares, and buy the ticket.

Shouldn't be too difficult, should it? I know the times, I've got my credit card in my hand, so whats the problem?

The problem is Farce Great Western.

I just want to buy the sodding ticket. Apparantly I have to be a registered user to buy a ticket. Why?

Anyway, I go through the registration process. When I eventually finish, finding out on the way that my password must be less than 10 characters (not particularly helpfull, or secure), I discover that I am already registered. Ahh. Must have forgotten.

So, I now have to go all the way back to the login (as opposed to the register) screen, enter my email address, and then hit a snag. I can't remember my password. Why? It's (probably) not early dementia. Instead, its that all the passwords I routinely use are more than 10 characters. So its a password that I must have made up just for this account. Not very helpful.

Ahhh - Farce Great Western have thought of this. They can helpfully email me my password.

Unfortunately, the email account is only available to me on my desk at work. And I'm at home. NOT. VERY. FUCKING. HELPFUL. YOU. BUNCH. OF. CUNTS.

All I want to do is book my ticket, give them my credit card number, and pick up my ticket when I get to the station. I'll even give them my email so they can clog my inbox with spam (as well as sending me a booking reference). So why the fuck do I have to become a fucking registered user to be able to do this. Its not like it helps them spam the shit out of my inbox, as I have already given them my email for the booking reference. I cannot think of any good reason whatsoever. If anyone out there can illuminate me on this, it will save me a fortune in ammunition!

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