Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Just left work, thought I'd pop into sainsburys for a cheap bottle of wine for tonight, so I drove away from home towards the store. As I pulled into the carpark, I could smell a burning smell, but as soon as I got out of the car, it dissipated. Thinking nothing more of it, I duly went in and bought my excess of alcohol.

Returning to the car, I started it up, and immediately the smell returned. Oh bugger, thinks I. Not good. I opened the bonnet, took off the oil filler cap and I can see a nice white residue.

Sod it, head gasket gone. Back in to the store to buy some oil and water to coax the car back to work, where I can have a proper look in the morning, and take the Land Rover home (I keep it parked near work as I don't have parking for two cars at home), and just to make things bloody awkward, the battery on that is flat.


Thats more money than I have to repair the sodding thing, so I'll have to try to fix it myself in the work carpark, just as the bitter siberian winds bring snow.


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